Jewelry Care and Repair

  Wear your silver jewelry often to keep tarnish from building up. We recommend that you store your pieces in our tarnish proof felt pouch to reduce discoloration and to protect it from scratches. It is a natural property of sterling silver to tarnish if it is exposed to air and in some cases, it will react to an individual’s body chemistry or body oils.
For occasional light cleanings, a soft toothbrush may be used with toothpaste to loosen dirt particles. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. For deeper cleaning, you can use Wright’s Silver polish/paste and a soft cloth. Do not use any liquid dip cleaner or ultra sonic cleaner as both types of cleaning methods will remove or lighten the oxidation (black details).

Pearls and semi-precious stones or vintage beads

Lisa was one of the first designers to combine sterling silver with pearls and many of these pieces are our most popular styles. Pearls are a delicate product of nature and need to be treated accordingly. Use care when applying perfume and hairspray while wearing your pearls. These cosmetics will damage the surface of the pearls. Please do not get any of your strung jewelry pieces wet. Avoid getting water on the pearls as well as the stringing material as it will weaken. Do not use any of the cleaning methods described above on any pearls or semi precious stone or bead items. Use silver polish with care on the silver components only. Clean your pearls and stones by wiping gently with a soft damp cloth. You can also use a white eraser on silver parts so pearls do not get wet.

Repair Policy Jewelry

We recommend having your local jeweler repair your piece, click here for jeweler's repair instructions. 
If you have owned your jewelry (non-archive pieces) for less than one year and have proof of purchase, please contact us directly via the contact page. 

Repair Policy Watches

For any watch repair issues, please contact the factory responsible for manufacturing all our watches: 
Paroline & Wright Inc.   Phone: (401) 781-5300   Email: PWDGUYS@AOL.COM

Enjoy wearing your happily-hand-made in New York City Lisa Jenks jewelry.